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These are the tools and services I use to run my various business day-to-day. I make sure to only recommend companies I personally use and have thoroughly enjoyed! 

I have also contacted as many tools as I can to get you the best discounts possible. 

The largest library of mock-ups with Place It

(special 15% off)

Highest quality designs and vectors

The most affordable drag and drop website builder

My favourite print on demand printing partner

Get 1000 free miles if you buy a Tesla

The largest library of vectors and graphics

Place it houses one of the largest libraries of mock-ups on the internet. This is perfect for anyone that needs mock-ups for their t-shirt designs, ebook covers, literally anything! With this link, you get 15% off! 

I use Canva mainly for Instagram posts, general graphic design work and sometimes for Youtube thumbnails. I used to use for t-shirts but after learning about the confusing commercial rights I no longer use Canva for t-shirts. It's my go-to website if I want a quick graphic design fix rather than using Photoshop

Vexels is a more recent find for me and I use Vexels mainly for t-shirt graphics and vectors for many things. It's similar to Canva except not as big, however, the designs are far higher quality, made by truly incredible in-house graphic designers and with a merch membership you have full commercial use which is perfect for print on demand.

When selling t-shirts or other print on demand products you can use an all in one website but I find them to be expensive and of lower quality. Printful connects seamlessly to Shopify, Etsy, Zyro, Amazon, and many other websites. It allows you to sell high-quality products and a fairer price on your own website. 

This is another newer platform for me, I used Shopify and Squarespace for years but recently I found this company. They have an extremely advanced website builder with the possibility of building a full e-commerce store, but if that's not your thing, you can build a normal website as well and it's at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

I know this seems like a bit of a crazy resource but since buying a Tesla, my view on electric cars has drastically changed and I genuinely think they have done a fantastic job! 

Part of the affiliate program allows both you and I to get 1000 free charging miles when buying through someone who has previously bought a Tesla, so if you're ever interested in getting one, why not get one with 1000 miles.

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